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5,402 runners. 18,696 runs, over 103,234 miles. 7,930 routes.


The run database that uses your Apple iPod™ with Nike+™ or Garmin Forerunner™ and matches it up with the routes you run.

Tired of long downloads and slow, proprietary sites to view and compare your runs recorded with a popular music/pedometer integration? Wish you could relate the workout data you collect to the routes you run? We provide a free, for-fun service that lets you combine maps of runs with the information you've recorded.

Steps to use Runometer

  1. Create an account. It's free, and you don't even need a real e-mail address.
  2. Upload the run files from your iPod™ and link them to routes.
  3. Sketch or upload your running routes, or find and share existing ones.
  4. View your stats. Marvel at your progress.
  5. Publish your stats. You can display your most recent activity on your website if you wish.

To see how to use this site, check out the How-To Guide. Right now, this site in Beta. Everything should be working, but we're still experimenting, and moving things around. This means things may be a little patchy, but it's a great time for you to send us feedback, we'll be reading!

Latest News

100K miles!
posted Monday th 23rd of January 2012 by Hrishi
Runometer crossed the 100K mile mark last week, just shy of our 5-year anniversary by a few days!

Its been quite a.. well, run, these past five years since we launched it. We have all been pulled away from maintaining it for the past year with the team pegged on other fulltime commitments, but we have been tracking all the bugs and feature requests that have steadily rolled in, and we promise to make good on all of those soon.

Thank you all for the continued support.

The Runometer Team

Route plotting, ATOM feeds, bug fixes
posted Tuesday th 9th of February 2010 by Hrishi
So, after a longish gap, some additions to Runometer - some new features, some bug fixes:

1. A new and improved route plotting interface, using some of the newest features in Google Maps.
2. ATOM 1.0 feeds, in addition to the existing RSS 2.0 feeds.
3. Bug-fixes to manual run addition - fixes some issues reported by some of our runners.

More coming soon. In the meanwhile, keep running!

Post-migration blues?
posted Sunday th 29th of November 2009 by Hrishi
Hello runners,

It is possible that a few runtime settings got lost during our recent migration to new servers at, as a result of which some of you may have experienced glitches in some Runometer functions, particularly run and route uploads.

We have fixed the server settings now, which should fix any such issues you may be having. Our sincere apologies to anyone who has had issues with the application over the last few days due to this.

Keep running!

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